Express Braces

Introducing Express Braces!

We’ve made achieving your smile transformation more affordable than ever before.

The world of orthodontics is changing all the time, and the Doctors at Central Nebraska Orthodontics are keeping pace.  While a healthy, pleasing smile is a timeless attribute, consumer attitudes and demands towards how best to achieve it evolve over time.  The desire for orthodontic correction that is more convenientless costly and delivered in less time has led to the emergence of numerous treatment options promising to deliver just that.  While our doctors can’t recommend all of the options available to consumers, we understand the desire for more limited treatment plans tailored to addressing a patient’s main smile concerns, while meeting their budgetary constraints.  We hear you!

We believe almost everyone can benefit from orthodontics.  So our goal is to make it a real option for everyone. 

The Doctors at Central Nebraska Orthodontics will always believe that the ideal orthodontic option for straighter teeth is the optimal correction of all dental and skeletal malalignments through comprehensive care, to create a wonderful smile and a functional, healthy dental occlusion.  Express Braces is designed to address all of these problems, but in a time limited fashion to keep the cost of treatment low.  Basically, we are offering a flat fee orthodontic service with a set treatment time. 

  • Braces.  $3495.  Period.
  • $495 down.  $200 a month.  Retainers included.

Who is a candidate for Express Braces?  Anyone with a fully erupted permanent dentition and mild malocclusion (mild dental, bite and skeletal discrepancies) may be a good candidate for Express Braces or Invisalign Express.  These people may expect a nearly full correction of their dental alignments with the Express plan.  Examples of a mild malocclusion might include a few slightly crooked teeth in the mouth, a bite that fits just a millimeter or two from where it should, someone with prior braces treatment who misplaced or stopped wearing a retainer and had tooth relapse, etc.

What if my dental challenges are more than a “mild malocclusion”?  This is a call that the Doctors will need to make on a case-by-case basis through an in-person exam.  Often for people who present with more severe dental and skeletal issues, like impacted teeth or severe crowding, the only way to safely go about straightening the teeth is through a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan, which is by its nature longer and more costly.   If the doctor believes that a moderate to severe malocclusion can be significantly improved using Express Braces, while maintaining the oral health and safety of the patient, then Express Braces may be an option in even the more severe cases.

My child needs orthodontics but doesn’t have all his/her teeth yet, would Express Braces be right for my child?  In short, no.  Our Doctors may recommend early treatment with baby teeth present for various reasons.  Due to the complex nature of these treatments, they would not be right for Express Braces.

I want clear aligners or Invisalign, is there an Express option for me?  Yes!  We offer Invisalign Express packages for $2895 including retainers.

If you want to find out if you’re a candidate for Express Braces or Invisalign Express, call us to schedule a complimentary exam.  Fees may apply for necessary xrays to determine a treatment plan. Or, if you prefer, take good pictures of your teeth and your smile with your teeth biting together and send them in to us using the virtual consultation feature on the side of the screen. Or click the QR code below and follow the instructions to send us your info.